• Sweep Drag all in One

    Hand-push sweeping machine is a new generation of cleaning products, easy to operate and 360 degree steering, dust range throughout every corner of the home, you only Need to gently push the dust, canned paper, hair and other garbage swept away ,Fine stainless steel tube, comfortable grip! Handle made of high-strength stainless steel connection, the length can be adjusted, do not bend over, save time, effort.
    This product uses three roller brush, high-quality bristles, high quality nylon and other materials, remove the dead ends do not hurt the ground, any hard flat floor (except wood, plastic, marble, marble, tiles, cement floor ) Can be used, except carpets

     1,549 1,800

    Sweep Drag all in One

     1,549 1,800
  • Pet Shower Sprayer and Grooming Glove

    Unique design,easy to operate
    Five finger design is great for cleansing sensitive and hard to reach areas, while the variable water jet can penetrate even the densest fur. The grooming glove Fits most dogs,horse and Cats.

    Less Spraying Water for Less Mess
    The Cysmile bathing glove featuring a 7.5 foot hose and a water control switch. Allows you to move about freely while washing your pet, also giving you the ability to control water usage via spray intensity. Can be operated entirely with one hand.


     1,499 1,800
  • Silicone Magic Gloves

    • [Convenient & Durable] Combined design of sponge and rubber gloves. No brushes or sponges are needed for convenient cleaning, just like using bare hands.
    • [Clean in boiling water] It has heat resistance up to 160 degrees Celsius so it can be sterilized with boiling water or microwave ovens(2min). Can also be used to move hot dishes or to remove oven dishes.
    • [Available semi-permanent use] It is highly elastic, resilient and does not tear easily.
    • [Multiple Use] This Magic Gloves can be used for kitchen, washing dishes, fruit & vegetable cleaning, cleaning the bathroom, cleaning the bed room, removing wardrobe dust, care for pet hair, and washing the car.
     1,190 1,349

    Silicone Magic Gloves

     1,190 1,349
  • Dish Washer Gloves With fur

    The rubber made gloves protect your hands from cold.

    It is made up of strong flexible rubber. It covers your full hands from water to protect from cold.

     320 399
  • Gardening Gloves

    Specifications Monster Claw Gardening Gloves:

    • Original and functional design
    • Hard-wearing and durable
    • Made of latex, polyester and polypropylene
     450 525

    Gardening Gloves

     450 525
  •  990 1,300

    Motorized Go Duster

     990 1,300
  • Hand Vaccum Cleaner and Easy Glass Cleaner

    Get Hand vaccum cleaner and easy glass cleaner combo pack at just NRs.3500

    Easy glass cleaner SPECIFICATIONS:

    Easy Glass Cleaner Multi colours
    Easy to Clean Glass 2 in 1 with spray bottle
    Capacity : 200ml
    Micro Fibra cleaner
    Removable bottle

     3,500 4,550
  • Easy Glass Cleaner With Bottle

    Rid your car windshield of spots, stains and dearly departed bugs without having to do in-car gymnastics. The Easy glass cleaner cleans and shines glass from inside the car without need for glass cleaner, and has a handle with a pivoting head for easy window undirtying. Just attach the microfiber bonnet to the head and wipe away. Features:Easy to use, Easy to store, Easily cleans the front windsiled. Works well with any glass cleaner or ordinary tap water. Each Easy glass cleaner comes with one handle and Cloth head suitable for mirrors and windows, not just in your vehicle but also at home or office as well Package Content.

     550 650
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